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Markup Factory provides a full suite of integrated web based components allowing you to quickly develop a powerful and effective website.

About Markup Factory

Markup Factory is a web publishing platform that helps you create great websites and keep them fresh and useful and alive. Plus, you can easily start an email newsletter, publish a calendar or blog, or take online registrations for your events.  To learn more about the capabilities of Markup Factory, try visiting the tour.

What is Markup?

You may not realize it, but you probably come in contact with "Markup" almost every day of your life. One of the foundations of the World Wide Web is HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. Without Markup language, the information that you encounter on the web and on your computer would be truly mundane. Our product enables you to produce clean and pleasant Markup language without necessarily even knowing what it is. Markup Factory has integrated an ever changing set of web based mediums into a unified web publishing platform that is extremely easy to use.

Our Story

After designing and building custom websites for a number of years, we realized that we were building the same things over and over again for many clients. We also realized that many other content management systems were either too difficult for the clients to use or didn't quite hit the mark as far as functionality and interface. We wanted to be able to give our clients that dream website for price they could afford. Markup Factory was born out of a desire to eliminate much of the heavy lifting from our web projects, while still providing our designers complete creative freedom to create extraordinary websites on a shoestring budget.

We've worked hard over the last several years developing and refining our platform and interface to include the essential functionality. Like most people, we didn't have access to millions of dollars of outside funding, so we bootstrapped this startup. It took much longer than it would have with funding, but we made it!

Our vision for the product is to provide a stable platform on which to build your website or web application. We intend to continue to refine and develop the interface as the web evolves and we receive feedback from users. We also intend to leverage the evolving world wide web to make cutting edge Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies accessible to the masses. We're excited about things like the semantic web, social networking, web services, APIs, XML, WiKis, AJAX, Blogs, Podcasts, and the like. Our aim is to make these technologies readily accessible to designers and developers by lowering the bar on what is required to take part in the new world wide web, while raising the bar on the quality of websites in the wild.


Josh Cramer

Josh has been an Internet technology strategist since 2000. Having worked with 100s of small business owners and non-profit organizations, he understands the challenges involved in producing and maintaining great websites. Josh has also been an integral part in the strategic planning and development of several successful entrepreneurial ventures ranging from wireless internet service providers to national ecommerce initiatives.

Mike Biang

Mike has been involved in web application development since 2003 and has been involved in transitioning many websites into a Web 2.0 architecture. With experience working alongside some of the web's great developers, Mike has himself become a master in web application development and software architectures. Mike's innovative database architectures and user interface designs have become the heart and soul of the successful Markup Factory web publishing system.

You can use Markup Factory to...

  • Update your website
  • Collect email addresses on your website
  • Send out email newsletters to subscribers
  • Take online registrations or RSVPs for your events
  • Maintain an updated calendar
  • Create a password protected portion of your website
  • Start an audio or video podcast
  • Quickly migrate an existing website to Markup Factory
  • Sell your products on the web

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